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We ensure your marketing efforts are executed on time and within budget. With our years of experience we can avoid the pitfalls and delays of project delivery.


You don’t hire us as employees, we’re a set of fresh eyes on your business and our personalities thrive on working across multiple industries and projects at any given time.

We’re not marketing recruiters though - we like to advise and work with our clients on an ongoing basis, to meet the needs of their growing business, and dip in and out as they need our skills. We are not designed to plug short-term marketing resourcing gaps. We’re focussed on end-to-end marketing projects including campaigns, strategies, creating your brand new marketing department and setting your business up to succeed in the digital marketing space.


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- Marketing strategy session with your team

- Assess opportunities and gaps

- Define your untapped target market

- Agree your priorities

- Supply a high level marketing plan


2 hour Marketing Strategy Workshops/ Discovery Sessions

We find these are a great way for prospective clients to get a taste for the Virtual Marketers model and understand how we work. Regardless of whether you continue working with us in the future, you’ll come away with a marketing plan for the next 12 months.

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- Audit your current marketing activity

- Develop a robust marketing strategy

- Project manage strategy deliverables

- Utilise our specialists to deliver your plan


Marketing Strategy & Planning

We’ll immerse ourselves in your business and work closely with your team to define the role Marketing will play in growing your revenue and digital presence.

Our model means we can work remotely with our clients no matter where in the world they’re based. In some regions, we have people on the ground and can work with your team in person - it’s up to you how you work with us.



- Logo and brand ID strategy

- Logo and brand design and development


Brand & Design

Developing a clear brand identity is an integral aspect of developing your business and achieving your business objectives. A consistent brand ensures clear messaging, an increase in consumer awareness and enables prospective customers to easily align themselves with your product.


- Website content & user experience design

- Case studies & data sheets

- Thought leadership blogs & whitepapers

- Email automation campaigns

- Sales & campaign material and assets


Content Development

Content development is an increasing need for clients as they stop ‘selling’ to their customers and start ‘talking’ to them.


- Social media strategy

- Organic social content

- Paid social campaign management

- Analysis and reporting

- Social response / conversations


Social Media Management

It’s expected that any business joining the digital space will have a social media presence. Many of our clients feel this is ‘yet another channel to maintain’. We streamline this necessity with our social media experts who are familiar with social media strategy and planning, and make sure your social content is optimised. Once you start social, you need to maintain a two way conversation.


- Media releases

- Connect with your customers & staff

- Understand your brand connection with customers


PR, Comms & Storytelling

When you identify your desired audience, who share your values, they quickly become your “forever customer”. Communicating the story of your brand in a believable and engaging way will transform your company perception from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’. We ensure our clients have a solid comms plan to shout their story from the rooftops.


- Email automation strategy

- Email content creation

- Analysis and optimisation of campaigns

- Clear metrics and success measures


Email & Automation Marketing

Enabling you to connect with your desired audience, at the right time, with relevant offers and information takes some consideration and planning.

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- Campaign, project & budget management

- Manage third party relationships

- Present strategy to SLT and boards

- Rigorous process and regular reporting

- Post-project measurement and reporting


Campaign & Project Management

Whether it be digital campaigns, product launches or event organisation - our team has done it all. Trust us to closely manage your next campaign or project and draw on our expertise for maximum impact and results.


- Optimise current digital advertising

- Identify opportunities and efficiencies

- Innovative ways to capture your market

- Work with media agencies on your behalf


Digital Advertising & Optimisation

Whether it’s a social media campaign, Adwords or a display campaign, we’ll work with your team to get the right results. There is a true need for more knowledge and optimisation of digital advertising. We can train your internal staff to use the right tools for Adwords and digital media management, or manage this for your organisation.


- Advise on marketing department structure

- Provide JDs and scope new roles

- Screen applicants for your roles

- Onboard and train new and existing staff

- Manage your existing team


Marketing Team Capability & Assessment

Spotting a top notch marketer, who's the right fit for your organisation, can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of experience in that department!

Trusted partner services:

- Media Managing & Buying

- Print & Production Management

- Video Concepting & Production

- Photography


Our Partners

We believe in excelling in what we do best. That’s why we use the best in the business to deliver specialty services to our clients.


Virtual Product People

Visit Virtual Product People to discuss how to meet your product, digital and website development needs with effective, on-demand product and development professionals.


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